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september 5th to the assessment appeals court number 3. >> i believe don is here. >> i want her to come up and - is she not here?
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she needs two minutes to come here? so i would like for the general public to understand the fine details of what's between the 3 appeal boards. so if the public don't mind i'd like to religious for one minute until sh until she comes. >> i hate to do this. okay recess.
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so you guess recess is over. we're going to continue the meeting so mr. ram would you like to approach the microphone and give a brief summary of the differences >> thank you supervisors. yes dawn duran the applicant for the pelosi board we have 3 different jurisdictions board one has no jurisdiction it can hear any case but primarily
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they're focused in the downtown financial district. their jurisdiction they have to hear everything over $50 million and all appeals on possessy interest. board two is limited they can't hear anything over $50 million. they hear appeals within the blocks outside of the financial district. they basically have appeals for blocks 877 to 3 seven hundred and anything above that goes to board 3. the board 3 was recently changed. this is so have it so all 8 seats are now being filled as hearing officers. this was done to help aid the backlog of appeals most of which
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have been residential properties. we've heard that since the appeals have been residential. the hearing officers are limited to hear for properties 4 or also and no commercial properties. so for board 3 which is newly comprised hiring we're looking to hopefully get a quorum for that board then have that board begin operation and start hearings specifically for hearing officers in which we will be implementing evening hearings starting with 2 hearings a week hopefully in december >> this is the function of board 3? >> this is board 3. for the evenings >> all the board have 5 regular seats and the regular board in
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three are in a rotation order and the we need a quorum in order for that board to become prarlg and then, however, many members we have at this junk which you are we'll be rotating them accordingly for day and ooengz. >> some people have asked we have two assessment appeal boards currently and why a third? >> the boards one and two are the alternatives for board 2 but those are people who are sitting as hearing officers, however, with the current caseload we have the religion members we're still dealing with a lot of
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commercial property as well it's did the to get the alternates for one-on-one when members are not available because they're also hearing officers. with the new composition of board 3 we'll be able to schedule more officer cases to address the backlog of appeals and shorten the length of time those hormones b will have to wait it will free up the alternates open boards one and two so we can scheduled important commercial he or she hearings. the goal is to reduce the backlog. we have two years from the date
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an application is filed to render a decision. we have been averaging been 6 thousand appeals a year and that's a lot. the people at the tail i understand are waiting to hear their initial hearing date. we're trying to handle the appeals in a more timely manner >> okay. thank you >> any other questions. >> i don't see any. >> i'm sorry to keep you waiting. >> no problem. let me call now the applicants in the order that i see (calling names) >> good afternoon, members of the rules committee i'm shawn.
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thank you very much for correcting me >> i'm an attorney i have 15 years of experience in the practice of law mostly in civil litigation and a business law. i also served as an arrest warrant trart so i have experience in ruling on matters. i'm a native of san francisco and i have an interest in serving the community and basically giving back to the city i love and want to see it grow. and i'm interested in serving on the committee. i've applied before so that would definitely show any level of interest in serving. thank you for your time >> thank you.
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next one up is christen nelson. and thank you, mr. rick for making a brief statement (laughter) >> good does that mean i can respeak. >> i'm interested in the appeal board. i value being active in the community and i also have a lot of experience in real estate and i thought the assessment board would be good with my experience, knowledge and skills. i've been active in real estate for over 25 years i became an awe perspires.
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i can be beneficial to the board i would understand as a property owner i would understand those points of view and as i said i think my skills and experience and expertise would be of a help if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> you're not on currently. >> no. >> the next speaker john lee is not here and he made an effort to go have a meeting with me at my office. >> he submitted a letter mr. chair. >> he's on the cover of this agent thing just to show he's involved. so next person up then will be
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eugene >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm e general. i moved to san francisco in 1977. i'm retired as of october 2012 but continue to volunteer with nonprofits here in san francisco and the community. my qualifications include any experience in recent completing 40 years with a private owned real estate company. my experience include and eventually overseeing capita expertise and a acting accusations. i evaluated properties i'm a
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cpa. i'm interested in doing this work because i have a little bit of time and would aloof love to give back to the city. i think i'm a good caption because of my background and ownership because i can be thorough and objective. thank you >> okay. any questions. and you forgot to say you were involved in soccer >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm here to seek your reappointment to assessment appeal board number one where i've served 2, 3 year terms. we oversee the down

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